Hi there! I'm ella, im 15, i live in canada. if you gaze into the abyss long enough it will gaze back at you.

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I have to be downstairs in 10 minutes for my tutor I can’t even move

amor-exitium asked: Why are you upset, beautiful?

Because there is so much fucking pressure I just want to sink into my bed

My therapist cancelled all her appointments this week because someone in her family passed and oh god I feel so bad but oh god did I need it this week

Today this girl who sits beside me in science, among other things, asked what happened to my arm. I told her it was grease burns from working with deep fryers. I don’t work with deep fryers. It wasn’t even hard to lie, i wasn’t even anxious about it, it was normal


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Stop trying to make people feel bad for liking things they like

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my mom my step dad and my learning assistance teacher say I look skinnier and my teacher even brought it up to my mum and my mum always makes me weigh myself in the middle of the kitchen even if there’s people in there i feel so awful

" Being numb is the worse stage for me. When I’m I stare blankly into space for hours and my chest feels like it weighs a ton and my arms are itching to be opened but I’m too numb to move. To numb to care. "
My blog is going to be sad for a while if you’re not okay with it unfollow me

I feel so sad I could be sick